AOC Optical Fiber Components
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  • Make AOC keep better stability Process design and development according to customized product structure
  • Multi-channel parallel optical transmission
  • Professional design ability of cable structure
  • Flame retardant rating: LSZH, OFNR, OFNP
Product Application
  • Product Introduction
  • Product Details


As data center and cloud computing systemare more demandignfor bandwidth and low power, AOC is obviously more and more important. AOC has long transmission distance, stable signal, fast transmission rate and low space occupation rate. EverPro can customize AOC Cable with different processes (grinding/cutting), lengths and other specifications according to different customers.

Product Application Scenario
  • High-Speed Active Optical Cable

    40G-400G high-speed active optical cable

  • Cutting Process Parameters

    Optical fiber cutting length: 100~400um, tolerance: ±10um;

    Optical fiber cutting angle: 0~45°, tolerance: ±1°;

    The cutting length and direction of optical fiber can be customized.

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