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Virtual Reality

The ultimate pursuit of virtual reality must be wireless transmission, but there are two insurmountable technical problems at present:

▶The development of wireless transmission technology is far from meeting the demand of VR for transmission bandwidth. The resolution of 4K or 8K for both eyes, refresh rate above 120hz, and sensor equipment such as cameras make the total bandwidth demand exceed 50Gbps.

▶Meanwhile, the battery life of VR all-in-one machine is also limited. If the battery capacity is increased, there will also be the side effect of increased helmet weight.

Therefore, currently, most VR manufacturers choose optical fiber transmission as a solution close to "wireless unrestricted".

VR solution thatEverProcan provide:

▶Solution example diagram:


▶Advantages and Characteristics


EverPro Products

Competing Products


Self-developed consumer AOC special solution

  • Adjustable parameters, flexibly adapt to target equipment
  • Solution level customer support, no unsolvable problems

Third-party unspecialized consumer solution

  • Unadjustable parameter, poor compatibility
  • Unable to provide strong technical support

Optical Fiber

Ultra-high strength "Bendrobust" optical fiber

1.5mm bending radius

The service life is 300 times that of common bending-resistant fiber

Common bending-resistant fiber

Easy to be broken and damaged