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Customer case:

EverPro's DP+USB KVM Extender over Fiber is one of the first batch of extender products applied to e-sports hotels in China. It has been applied in Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Haikou, Huangshi, Langfang, Zhangjiakou, Jingzhou, Enshi and other cities. It not only solves practical problems for customers, but also discovers a new application mode for the development of the whole e-sports industry.


Boasts four major functions:

▶Release space, improve user experience

Centralized hosts management offers legroom and solves the cooling problem of graphics card, delivering more comfortable experience.

 ▶Green environmental protection

Radiation affects health. Compared with other components, the radiation of host is higher. The hosts are placed in machine room for centralized management, which isolates the radiation of the hosts and realizes green Internet surfing.

 ▶Dust-proof and moisture-proof

Too much dust will block CPU fan and cause CPU to overheat and burn out. The environment with relative humidity of 40%-65% is suitable for computer to work. If the humidity is too high, moisture will enter computer and result in the rust and damage of some metal parts. Moreover, the insulation performance of the circuit board will become worse. It will lead to short circuit and make some parts burn.

 ▶Save electricity and manpower

Hosts are cooled centrally in the machine room, which improves the refrigeration efficiency of air conditioners, reduces the number of air conditioners and saves electricity cost. Centralized machine room can reduce the damage rate of hosts by more than 50% and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

E-sports Hotel/Internet Cafe

Since the rooms in e-sports hotels are relatively independent, consumer privacy has been greatly protected. But at the same time, it also brings some troubles to the merchants when customerscheck out. In order to confirm whether the equipment in the room is in good condition, sometimes it is necessary to check by professional personnel.Otherwise, once there is any problem, it is impossible to identify the relevant responsible person.

By centralized hosts placements in the centralized machine room, customers can't touch the host computer at all. Therefore, it fundamentally prevents the theft and loss of CPU, graphics card and memory.

By using DP+USB KVM Extender over Fiber, the host USB signal, video signal and on-off signal are extended to the desktop. Remote control of the host is realized on the premise of ensuring timely and effective data transmission. It adopts the management mode of computer room, which can save energy, protect environment, prevent theft and loss of hardware and prolong service life.