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▶Build network with optical fibers, 10 Gigabit to desktop

This system uses exclusive AOC active optical fibers which support USB3.0 protocol to build network. It has the characteristics of simple and quick deployment mode, high speed and high-quality bandwidth performance.

▶Simple operation and maintenance, easy management

This system adopts intensive design concept. That is managing dozens of PCs with the cost of managing one server. On average, it saves 50% of operation and maintenance cost compared with PCs.

▶Energy saving, green environmental protection

This system adopts the "three-no"zero terminal without CPU, memory and hard disk. The power consumption is only 3w, which can save up to 90% of electricity cost compared with PC. It can achieve the carbon-free goal of energy saving, power saving and environmental protection.

▶Safe and reliable

Building network with optical fibers enables each user to have independent storage space, thus realizing reliable data isolation. It realizes the goal of overall security. Other user cannot access, take away, move or open the data, sothe data won't be lost.

Zero Terminal

Zero terminal changes traditional PC architecture, and moves desktop operating system from client to data center for unified management, thus simplifying the deployment and configuration work and providing an end-to-end cloud desktop delivery solution based on optical fiber. Server can connect to zero terminal without a switch. Server has 2-4 PCIE card, use USB3.0 optical fibers to build network, which can provide USB3.0 high-speed data interface to connect with zero terminal, so as to improve the data exchange speed between the zero terminal and the server. All-optical cloud desktop supports the exclusive deployment mode of VDI virtualized desktop, which can provide high-speed, fast, simple and easy-to-use cloud classroom virtualization solution for users, and can dynamically generate cloud desktop as required to bring more flexibility and convenience to school management.

Based on KVM framework, using active AOC optical fibers to build network, the transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, and the transmission distance can reach 100m. By transmitting different types of virtual desktops to zero terminal, users can experience the complete desktop environment through zero terminal. There is no need for any professional network, virtualization, and storage administrators. The whole environment can be built in a few hours, not weeks or months. It can realize more flexible and efficient management and application.

The new generation of zero terminal desktop virtualization solution without CPU, memory and operating system adopts exclusive multi-terminal (MT) technology, enjoying the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no noise interference, hardware maintenance-free, high security and so on.