MPO-LC Branch Jumper

MPO-LC Branch Jumper

  • Comply with TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and ISO/IEC 11801 relevant standards
  • Pre-terminated connector (MTP) conforms to IEC-61754-7 and YIA/EIA-604-5(FOCIS 5) definition
  • Adopt LSZH outer jacket, flame retardant meets IEC 60332-3, gas emission meets IEC 60754-2, LSZH emission meets IEC61034-2 Standard
  • PO-LC branch jumper splits MPO connector of backbone optical cable into single-core or dual-core LC interfaces, which can provide different fan-out lengths and facilitate equipment connection.
  • Bending-resistant optical cable design can allow smaller bending radius of optical cable. It is safer and more reliable for wiring in equipment area and small space in the rack.
  • MTP parts and oval springs are used in the connector to ensure uniform stress on the optical fiber to avoid damage. The head end of male pin is oval. It does not deform after 500 times of plugging and unplugging, thus ensuring the plugging and unplugging accuracy.
Product Application
  • Product Details
  • Optical Fiber

    OM3/OM4/G652D/G657A2 and so on can be selected

  • Outer Diameter of Cable


  • Attenuation of Connector


  • Return Loss


  • Bend Radius (Static/Dynamic)


  • Material Compliance


  • Operating Temperature


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