International Vision Standard Meeting 2016(IVSM)
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The International Vision Standard Meeting 2016(IVSM) was held in Kyoto, Japan on March 7th.As a member of AIA、JIIA and CMVU, EverPro attended this meeting and the plugfest held on March 9th.There are many imaging and machine vision professionals from leading machine vision companies worldwide met under the support of the global Machine Vision associations AIA, EMVA, JIIA, VDMA and CMVU.


At the IVSM, EverPro participated in the discussion of the current specifications and standards of cables in the machine vision field. Entrusted by the IVSM, EverPro proposed the relevant standards of USB3.0 AOC. At the plugfest, EverPro communicates with vendors of industrial cameras and performed the matchingtests for mainstream USB3.0 industrial cameras withEverPro’s USB3.0 AOC,and our products passed all these tests.


Discussion between our company representative andcommittees