USB3.0 AOC—The best solution for Mircosoft in Hackathon
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With nearly 32 hours non-stop "marathon" programming game near the end, with the theme of the MPC technology of Microsoft's next-generation human-computer interaction Hackathon in Microsoft research Asia in Beijing at the end of May ended successfully. This is the first annual event held within the territory of China,EverPro display the core products USB3.0 AOC, what’s more, the PM Lewis explained the AOC advantages and development trend of fiber optic cable, the competition is quite wonderful.


At the start of contest, owning 18 years of design experience, head of the Microsoft design team ,Yannis Paniaras start lecturer reports of this match, then come to the crew grouping and the contest. In the MPC technology of Microsoft, Kinect for Windows is important,also develop rapidly in recent years, because of the huge amount of data access, take USB3.0 connector become the best way for data transmission, but length of the copper wire is more than one meter distance only, as a result the extended data will delay, lost or still can't meet the transmission distance. Aims to break through limitations, EverPro USB3.0 AOC, with 5 GBPS lossless transmission, hundreds of meters distance, no interference bending fold, attenuation rate < 0.0035 dB/m, the characteristics fully present the "real-time synchronization, perfect transmission" high performance, guarantee the stability of the competition and success, also highlights that EverPro has outstanding ability in research innovation and development.


A glance of EverPro& Microsoft's next-generation human-computer interaction game Hackathon



EverPro USB3.0 AOC PM give a report during the contest.


Developers demonstration project for the judges


EverPro USB3.0 AOC applied for one project


The winners of the event and the AOC prizes


Group Photo of EverPro& Microsoft's next-generation human-computer interaction Hachathon contestants