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Super speed interconnection solution for Machine Vision System


EverPro USB3.0 AOC and USB3.0 Expressway Hub/Dongle with SuperTT technology provides an excellent super speed interconnection solution for machine vision users.

USB 3.0 machine vision cameras are gaining increasing popularity for machine vision applications due to their good resolution, frame rate, affordability and usability. However, the relatively short reach of USB 3.0 cable (less than about 3 meters) limits its application because longer distances are required in many installation scenarios. EverPro’s USB 3.0 super speed interconnection solution with active optical cable technology successfully addresses the distance issue by extending full USB3.0 performance up to as far as 100 meters. This greatly promotes the adoption of the USB 3.0 interface across a wider range of applications.

EMI/EMC interference has bothered engineers for a long time in many machine vision applications in the industrial fields. EverPro’s USB 3.0 AOC cables have excellent EMI/EMC resistant performance with signals transmitted in optical fibers and thus suitable for industrial field with high EMI/EMC resistant requirements.

In addition, USB2.0 machine vision cameras are still popular in machine vision system, but it faces two problems in network cabling: short reach of USB2.0 cable and limited bandwidth (actual bandwidth for each USB2.0 camera is much less than 480Mbps because multiple cameras must share the 480Mbps bandwidth of the USB2.0 cable connecting USB2.0 host server and the hub. EverPro’s USB 3.0 Super TT expressway hub/dongles with unique SuperTT technology can support USB 2.0 Machine Vision cameras and provide independent 480Mbps bandwidth on every downstream USB2.0 port. This greatly facilitates machine vision system cabling.

Application Characteristics Configuration

● Production line online monitoring system
● Peripheral surveillance system
● Traffic control system

● Super speed data transmission between Hosts and devices
- 5Gbps bandwidth
- Each USB2.0 device has dedicated 480Mbps transmission speed
● Long Transmission distance:
- Extended Range from 3-5 meters to 100 meters
● Good EMI/ESD performance to satisfy industrial environment requirements
- Fiber transmission instead of Copper
● Easy to use
- Easy to Expand, Easy to Setup [Plug and Play],
- Easy to layout [Thin Cable], Easy to Maintains
● Low cost
- Commercial products --- Low BOM cost
- Easy to Use --- Low maintain cost

● USB3.0 Host server
● USB3.0 AOC
● USB3.0 Express hub/dongle
● USB3.0 copper cable
● USB2.0 cable
● USB3.0 machine vision camera
● USB2.0 machine vision camera