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Super speed interconnection solution for Digital Signage System


EverPro USB3.0 AOC and USB3.0 Expressway Hub/Dongle with SuperTT technology provide an excellent super speed interconnection solution for digital signage users.

Currently, digital signage system is formed either by connecting multiple digital signage devices to the host server by RJ45 Ethernet cables or equipping each digital signage device locally with a PC or embedded system. However, the first solution is limited by bandwidth and does not support real time display, and the second solution is rather expensive and difficult to maintain.

EverPro’s USB 3.0 super speed interconnection solution with active optical cable technology successfully addresses the limited bandwidth issue by extending full USB3.0 performance up to 100 meters, costs much less than the second solution and is easy to maintain. This greatly promotes the adoption of the USB 3.0 interface across a wider range of applications.

In addition, many devices used in digital signage system, such as the touch screen, are USB2.0 devices. These devices have two problems: 1) need extra cable other than the cable for image transmission; 2) short reach of USB2.0 cable. EverPro’s USB 3.0 Super TT expressway hub/dongles with unique SuperTT technology can provide native support for USB 2.0 devices and transmit both image signals and control signals in ONLY 1 USB3.0 AOC. This greatly facilitates network cabling for digital signage system.

Application Characteristics Configuration

● TV wall
● Multipoint interactive large screen display system
● Multiple screen interactive inquiry system with 1 server

● Super speed data transmission between Hosts and devices
- 5Gbps bandwidth
- Each USB2.0 device has dedicated 480Mbps transmission speed
● Long Transmission distance:
- Extended Range from 3-5 meters to 100 meters
● Good EMI/ESD performance to satisfy industrial environment requirements
- Fiber transmission instead of Copper
● Easy to use
- Easy to Expand, Easy to Setup [Plug and Play],
- Easy to layout [Thin Cable], Easy to Maintains
● Low cost
- Commercial products --- Low BOM cost
- Easy to Use --- Low maintain cost

● USB3.0 Host server
● USB3.0 AOC
● USB3.0 Express hub/dongle
● USB3.0 copper cable
● USB2.0 cable
● USB to HDMI/DVI/VGA adapter
● Display device
● USB input device