Cloud Client

Cloud-Client station


The EverPro USB3.0 Cloud-client U3Z00BR is an innovative front-end device for virtualized desktop environments. Each client is provided with one or more display interfaces such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DP. Speaker/Mic. connections are a standard. Keyboard and mouse can be connected through USB 2.0 ports. The upstream interface of U3Z00BR Cloud Client is a 5Gbps USB 3.0 port. With EverPro’s advanced SuperTT technology, the client could transmit all USB2.0 Video/Audio/HID on USB3.0 bus at 5Gbps super speed, 10 times faster than USB2.0 Docking Station.

With EverPro USB3.0 AOC(U3C-A0A0 Active Optical Cable)and USB3.0 expressway hub (U3H02AR), the clients could easily form a network, in which the client could be put 100m away from the computer. This makes it a good choice for classrooms, libraries, data centers, etc. See details in “Transmission solutions for Cloud-client system”.

Application Characteristics Parameters

1) Cloud-client System

● Education: classrooms, libraries, labs, etc.
● Various offices such as bank, health, etc and industrial environments.
● Inquiry system in public areas: railway station, airport, square, etc.


Figure: WMS Cloud-client system solution in a classroom (80 clients)

2) Multiple screen display

● Big energy savings over PC based client
● Flexible and easy to set up, plug and play like normal USB devices
● Option to extend distance up to 100 meters by using USB 3.0 AOC
● Support Microsoft Windows Multipoint OS and other OS such as Linux.