U3HC,USB3.0 Hybrid Cable


In order to compensate for ordinary USB3.0 active fiber cable’s defect that can’t supply power to device, EverPro introduce new generation of USB3.0 hybrid cable (U3HC). On the basis of the use of optical fiber as the transmission medium, U3HC integrate copper to achieve the purpose of supplying power to device. The hybrid cable length can be up to 50m without adding any relay device which is suitable for the scene of having no on-site power supply. This production can meet the USB3.0 spec. Its build-in unique SuperTT technology is capable of realizing mutual conversion between USB3.0 and USB2.0 protocols, so as to enable USB2.0 equipment to share the super speed bandwidth (5Gbps) of USB3.0. Using with USB hub, multiple USB2.0 equipment may exclusively share the peak bandwidth of 480Mbps.

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Application Characteristics Downloads

a)         The maximum cable length can be up to 50m

b)         The maximum transition speed can be up to 5Gbps

c)         A substantial increase in USB2.0 device bandwidth with Build-in SuperTT technology 

d)         Without power

e)         Providing maximum 900mA/5V for the device

f)          With locking screw holes

g)         Hot-plugging

h)         No driver

i)           Anti-jamming

Cable Length

Up to 50m

Option cable length



Host Side

USB3.0 Standard-A Plug(with locking screws)

USB2.0 Micro-B Receptacle,Auxiliary power supplyfor device with >2W power dissipation.

Device Side

USB3.0 Standard-AReceptacle(with lockingthreads)

Data rate

USB 3.0 Super Speed,Up to 5Gbps, backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1


Host Side

USB Bus Power Supply

Device Side Supply Current

Maximum5V 900mA(10m/20m/30m)/600mA(50m)

(Need to connect Auxiliary power supply to host side)

Power Dissipation



Dimension of The End

Host Side:44mm/27mm/13mm

Device Side:82mm/26mm/14.5mm

Weight of The End


Cable Diameter


Bend Radius


Operating Temperature

0 - 55°C

Storage Temperature

-20 - 80 °C